"How did I get here, how the hell?"

I'm Sam. I like coffee and I'm AU Kyle Bishop.

Mikey spookyhanschen got me a little piece of Neverland for my collection!!!

We’ve arrived. #Vacation #Magic8

FYI: sirwestaytay is the BEE’S FUCKING KNEES.


We’re going to an ART FESTIVAL


Hello October. Where have you been all year?

I just saw your selfie and I love the outfit so much eep. I always love your style

Thanks! Big compliment :)


I request a tumblr production of RENT with kylesbishop as Mark and me as Maureen. k bye.


whispers I'm just wondering why you go by sam now if it's not too rude of a question

Just because I wanted to and I like it better for myself.

oh my god you fucking nerd

‏@andrewkober: It’s Christmas in September for me and @andymientus. #CarolsForACure [x]

about me

Right? I mean it in the best way, I just think it’s funny that people are only now discovering all these old pictures and things that made me an Andy fan in the first place. 

Let me be a seasoned Andy fan for one second because every time I see people discovering old pictures of 1NT Andy I just sigh fondly and go “the good ole days” and think it’s cute that everyone’s getting excited over these old pictures from the tour.